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Meat Chews, Medium


Dehydrated raw meat treats are a nutritious snack for your pet!  These tasty meats treats are made using fresh, high quality meats with nothing else added. 

  • Chicken Chews- Dehydrated chicken breast meat. 2.5 ounces per bag
  • Beef Liver Chews- Dehydrated beef liver.  2.5 ounces per bag
  • Pork Chews- Dehydrated pork. 2.5 ounces per bag
  • Turkey Breast Chews- Dehydrated turkey breast meat. 2.2 ounces per bag
  • Beef Heart- Dehydrated beef heart 2.2 ounces per bag
  • Mixed Meat- Combination of beef liver, chicken breast, and pork meat 2.5 oz

    Treats are made after your order is placed! For larger orders please allow up to two weeks. We suggest supervising your dog with any chews.

    For local delivery, or pick-up options, please contact us directly to place your order!

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